On average, people have their ears cleaned once a year!

Make sure to have your ears checked and cleaned.

What is microsuction?

The Greek word for ‘small’
to remove (something) using a vacuum
This ‘something’ is of course ear wax. Microsuction is the safest method of removing ear wax.

What is ear wax?

Ear wax, or cerumen, is a substance which is naturally secreted in our ear canals for these various reasons:

Protect the skin in the ear canal from damage

Protect the ear from dust and bacteria

Provides lubrication to the ear canal

Assists with cleaning of the ear

But, when does it become problematic?

Ear wax is designed to do all the above and therefore, is normal and healthy! However, it is designed to form in the ear canal and then come out of the ear.

Ear wax becomes problematic when it doesn’t come out of the ear. It can potentially block sound coming in the ear canal, which can cause hearing loss and other conditions such as tinnitus, and it can also press against the ear drum which can cause pain!

Is it the same as irrigation/syringing?

No! Irrigation (or syringing) is the removal of ear wax using water to flush it out. There is a misconception that irrigation is unsafe. Irrigation is not an unsafe method of wax removal if done by a qualified clinician. However, there are some reasons why it would be unsafe to perform (e.g. if you had perforated ear drums). Some people prefer irrigation over microsuction, and will request it. However, microsuction is deemed the gold standard procedure of ear wax removal as there is no introduction of water in the ears.

At Sound & Silence, we perform whichever method is the safest and most effective to do when we examine your ears. This is dependent on the size and shape of your ears, as well as the consistency of your wax.

A glimpse of our ear wax removal clinic

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