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Why are my ears itchy?!

Often when people get itchy ears, there is a tendency to use anything they can get their hands on to deal with the itch. This could be a cotton bud, pen cap or even a paper clip! Whilst it is understandable to want to scratch your ear, by doing so makes the problem worse!

Should we use headphones?

As I write this on the glorious District Line, I can hear the music coming from the headphones of somebody who is sitting 2 seats away from me. I like the song but this is simply too loud. 

What are the best ear drops to use for ear wax?

Have you been told that you have ear wax, or do your ears feel blocked? Have you been told to use ear drops but not which ones? Read on to find out exactly which ones are the most and least effective!

Alcohol and Tinnitus

Have you thought about cutting out alcohol because of your tinnitus? Or have you already done so? Do you question…

How Noisy is London?

According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations in the UK, if you are working in an environment..

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